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Cooking At The Walnut Grove
Cooking At The Walnut Grove
Cooking At The Walnut Grove
Your tutors for your cooking classes are Maynard Harvey and Benedict Haines. Maynard's experience includes working along side Chef de Cuisine Richard Brooks at the Savoy Hotel and Benedict Haines at the exclusive Wentworth Golf Club under Michelin Star Ian McAndrews. Cooking is all about confidence, being relaxed and understand your ingredients, the Walnut Groves aim is to bring these qualities out, so that you have the ability to follow your own flair and imagination.
Tour Detail:
Your hosts and tutors are acclaimed chefs Maynard Harvey and Benedict Haines, two modern chefs who use the freshest ingredients with an emphasis on distinct flavours and clean meticulous presentation. Their passion and enthusiasm for cooking will stimulate your own love of food, and their expertise will help you gain confidence and master your cooking skills and techniques in the kitchen.

The Walnut's professionally equipped kitchen is located across the courtyard from the farmhouse and has been exclusively designed for your culinary vacations. You will work with a full range of professional equipment and experiment under the watchful eyes of your chefs. Your culinary experience ranges from home-smoking that you can do in your own oven, stocks and sauces, caramel sugar cages and own candy floss.

Your accommodation will is in a renovated farmhouse set in a walnut grove in the heart of idyllic rural France.

Take part in hands-on cooking classes, tour and learn during the days and every evening sit down to gastronomic delights, fine wines and interesting conversation with like-minded people.

Best Time to Visit:
From April to October

Tour Options & Prices:

Gourmet Cuisine and Cooking Classes start from 2,200 Dollars per person
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